Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy regarding the information processing by mobile applications and web resources of Pandora Telecom

Kaluga 10.11.2022

1. General information

This Privacy Policy, hereinafter referred to as the "Policy" in "Pandora Telecom LLC", describes the procedure for collecting, using, storing, processing and disclosing information during interaction between client devices produced by Pandora Group with the corresponding web resources and mobile applications.

2. Terms and definitions

3. Legislation

This policy has been developed taking into account the requirements of the following legislative acts:

4. Scope

This Privacy Policy applies to all visitors, users and other persons who use the Service.

The rules of this Policy do not apply in the case of processing by third parties of information that is voluntarily provided by the User.

In case of installing and/or activating the Application on a mobile device or registering on Websites, the User agrees to the terms of this Policy and gives a consent to the Company to collect, process, retain and store information in accordance with the procedure and conditions provided for in this Policy. If the User does not agree with the terms of the Policy and / or individual terms of the Policy are not clear to him, in this case the User is obliged to immediately stop using the Application and / or delete his profile from the Site.

5. Purposes of information collection and information processing

The collection and processing of information is carried out for the following purposes:

Information processing is carried out on the basis of the following principles:

6. Subject

During the System registration and the Service operation, we receive, collect and store User data voluntarily provided or automatically collected by the Service. The Service need this data to perform its functions, ensure security and interact with Users.

6.2. We collect the following types of information about you:

6.2.1. Registration and account data

Your device has a unique ID and a password to access Device configuration, as well as the phone number of the SIM card installed in the Device. We store this data for the purpose to manage the device from the Website or from Applications.

It is necessary to specify the User's mobile phone number and E-mail address during the Device configuration. It will be associated with the Device and perform the functions of informing and identifying the User. We will also store it in order to ensure safe and convenient operation of the Service.

If desired, Users can enter his Name, which we will be also stored for the purpose to correct address to Users.

6.2.2. Geolocation

We collect and store geolocation data of the Device for the purpose to provide the necessary functionality of the Service.

6.2.3. Non-personalized user information

To ensure the safe and proper operation of the Service, we collect and process the following non-personalized information related to the User's client equipment:

6.2.4. Data collected automatically, cookies and similar technologies

When you visit our Sites or use our Applications, we may collect certain information about your computer or device using technologies such as cookies, log files or other tracking/recording tools. The information we collect using tracking technologies includes IP address, browser information, links to/exits and URLs, stream data and information about how you interact with links on the website, mobile application or Service, domain names, target pages, page views, cookies that allow us to uniquely identify your browser and track the behavior of your browser on our site, the type of mobile device, mobile device identifiers or other permanent identifiers. Some or all of this data can be combined with information described above.

When you access our Service through or through a mobile device, we may receive or collect and store unique identification numbers associated with your device or our mobile application (including, for example, UDID, Unique Identifier for Advertisers ("IDFA"), device type, model and manufacturer, make and model operating system for mobile devices, phone number and, depending on the settings of your mobile device.

We may use our own cookies, which belong to us and which we place on your device, and third-party cookies that another party places on your device or when visiting our site. Third-party cookie providers from our website will provide us with the services or functionality of the site, but we do not always control the use of third-party cookies. You should check the third party's website for more information about how they use cookies.

Cookies or similar technologies stored on your computer or device through which you use the Service perform the following functions:

We may use third party services analytical software, to better understand the functionality of our software on the device, including, but not limited to, Google Analytics, Yandex. Metrica, Firebase, This software can record information about how often you use the Service; events that occur inside the Service, aggregated data on usage and performance; information about where our software is downloaded from. These partners may use cookies, web beacons and other tracking technologies to collect or receive data about you and may act as a data operator in relation to information about you. We do not associate the information we store in the analytics software with the personal information you send to us.

6.2.5. Special categories of information

We do not process special categories of information related to race, nationality, political views, religious or philosophical beliefs, health status, intimate life or criminal record data.

7. Access of third parties

The Company discloses Information only if:

The Company has the right to disclose Information

8. Procedure for storing information

Storage is carried out independently by the Company.

Storage is carried out for the entire period necessary to achieve the stated purposes of information processing.

The Company undertakes to destroy or depersonalize it immediately after achieving the purposes of information processing.